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When we were working on this problem, we read that the sandpiper, a small wading bird with a reddish head, is capable of flying 16,000 km, and we almost couldn’t believe it. Have you ever walked 16,000 km? This is about the distance between Naples and Sydney, Australia.

The cover article for this issue tells us that many birds can fly from one part of the planet to another by orienting themselves thanks to the magnetic field, stars, and the shape of coasts, rivers, and mountains.

On page 28, we instead talk about super-fast fashion: buying clothes that cost so little isn’t always a good idea. A new magazine for girls and boys from Sweden, which we discovered this month, talks about the environmental consequences of our purchases. The article also contains the golden rule to avoid buying useless things: keep your wardrobe tidy. It seems like trivial advice, but this way you avoid buying countless duplicates of your T-shirts, sweatshirts, panties, and socks.

On page 56, however, we discover that this process should never take place during the weekend: these are days that must be devoted to complete idleness and one must do absolutely nothing, not even homework. Tell that to the teachers.

Embarrassing Moment / At School
By Christina Portolano

On the cover/highway of the birds
Every year, in spring and autumn, billions of birds fly from one part of the planet to another in search of food, following precise trajectories. One of them is the Atlantic Ocean Road.
Think, United States

Through questions / brothers
By Claudio Rossi Marcelli

Comedy / Children of the Moon, episode n. 6
Written by David Morosinotto and Beatrice Galli

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Economy / clothes in smoke
Buying clothes cheap can seem like a bargain! But this is not actually the case. They often end up in the trash quickly.
Svenska Dagbladet Jr., Sweden

Comic strip / In an oven in Athens
by Michael Sommer

Incredible science/trivia
Geography is a great subject. From the deepest oceans to the highest mountain peaks, it tells the story of the Earth and the forces that shape it.
Zme Science, Romania

News / Three years of infection with the virus
Restaurants and cinemas are filling up and people are starting to travel again. Are things back to normal?
New York Times for Children, US

International children in Reggio Emilia

Tips to save the planet
by Eleonora Digano

Comic / Lost in Scroll
By Kristanadjaja and Surcouf

Comparison/exclamation marks
Juniors Week, UK

Game / Spas on Mars
Biscuits, France

Teach / live laziness
Today, UK

Sport / Mud Run
by Giorgia Bernardini

Wallet / The Vanishing River
by Jonas Kaku

Philosophy/what is the queer community
by Ilaria Rodella

In chat with / Alice Quattrocchi

Writing exercises / letters from the past
By Susana Mattiangili


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