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Sit-com Casa Alino: Cos Diamanti tells about Australia and becomes a social star

TheAnd Tuscan Lessons – Repasino, he says – funny sketches with family and dog, Jenna, painted the golden Australian doodle who also has an Instagram profile of himself. Then the strollers videos, those left-footed shots that enjoyed half the world, right there China. Cos Alessandro Alino Diamanti has become a cult figure on social networks, especially Instagram, an extension of his accomplishments on the field and his way of being. Today he plays for Western United, a club in Melbourne that debuted in the Australian League in 2019 and is also an opportunity to keep in touch with Italian fans, who offer them great views of the city and the sunset.

Diamonds are more than famous: usually. You search his stories the same way you flaunt on TV to find the right show. Then Aleno, as Prato fans renamed it, a name everyone loves. It may be because he never gets to know much in one team (Livorno and Bologna are the squares in his heart) or in a great club, shunting hate, but most likely thanks to his personality. Over the top, always grin and upfront (cricket makes me disgusting!). Then Tuscan. I like my accent – he admits – the press officer always tells me not to learn English because they like me that way. A little nave.

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Australia – Alino Diamante (Social Star)

From the mobile’s internal camera, he narrates the new life in Australia, which began in the summer of 2019. He often turns to his 150,000 followers while driving. He is recovering in an effort to teach his three children – Aileen, Olivia, and Tadeo – to talk like him. Repeat with me: So Seseo ?! Icch you say? But icch vu fae ?. The keyword “Icch” seriously explains as a true professor. Before he fell asleep, he continued studying in an old book of sayings that his mother sent him, and if all this was on television, we would have watched a comic. I go shopping when it rains and when I go there the sun is kidding in one of the latest releases. Only to be immediately reprimanded by his wife Sylvia for spending a forty-hour in the supermarket. On the other hand, the answer he gives her – always via an Instagram story – is a statement from an intellectual diamond that sounds like an insignificant clip. Must enjoy shopping and be looked at … you must feel emotions. And above all … if you are slow go !.

That’s why they love it. Only good feelings will say. Live by cutting out smiles and positive energy. That’s it and he summed it up in Poi bo’s expression …, his social media motto. He writes it out for every post and repeats it as soon as he has a chance. Also because in the meantime it became a brand of clothing and accessories (its own sunglasses) thanks to a donation of more than 5,000 euros to support an association that protects the Australian ecosystem after the fires a year ago. Sympathy and attitude are contagious, plus Diamante is completely comfortable with the medium and masters it with the bravado and ignorance (in a good way) that that audience demands, with a dedicated dictionary.

There is also room for an epidemic after a five-day lockdown (With a score of 29) that has affected Melbourne since February 13th. and football. Starting from Santa Lucia, the same Prato nursery for Paolo Rossi and Christian Vieri, he reached Serie A at 24 o’clock (in May it will be 38) and then to Australia in the final stage of his career. There is his sheer talent as an attacking midfielder that goes against the overall standard, to the point that guardian He called it ridiculous in August, when he won the Player of the Season award. In this time of uncertainty / Pain and illness / You are a wave of fresh air / A burst of joy A nursery rhyme verse that one of his followers recently gave him.

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