Sinopharm: Bahrain approves the Chinese Coronavirus vaccine, after Peru suspended trials

A statement by the National Health Regulatory Authority on Sunday did not specify any vaccine of two types It was developed by Sinopharm Approval was granted, but data from Phase 3 clinical trials that showed an efficacy rate of 86% was cited and said Bahrain had participated.

The Bahraini Ministry of Health said in a statement that citizens and residents over the age of 18 can register for the vaccine for free.

The data cited was the same that the United Arab Emirates announced earlier this month from an interim analysis of clinical trials in the late stages of an inactivated vaccine developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, a unit of the China National Biotec Group (CNBG) of the company. Sinopharm. .

In July, the United Arab Emirates began a third phase of clinical trials for the vaccine and the trial was expanded to Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt.

Neither CNBG nor Sinopharm was available for comment.

Bahrain’s statement said that the Kingdom participated in the third phase of trials of the approved vaccine and was previously allowed to use it in emergency situations for frontline specialists.

Bahrain earlier this month granted permission to emergency use of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) said that the Ministry of Health granted today, Sunday, in Kuwait, the Arab Gulf state, an emergency use permit for the Pfizer / Biotec vaccine.

The Peruvian government said in a statement on Saturday that this came after Peru suspended trials of the Sinopharm vaccine due to a “serious adverse event” that occurred with a volunteer in the study.

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The Ministry of Health said that the event “is under investigation to determine whether it is related to the vaccine or if there is another explanation.”

Sinopharm, which is conducting experiments in Peru with about 12,000 volunteers, was close to completing the first phase of the trials.

“The decision to temporarily suspend clinical trials is a safety measure stipulated in the clinical trial regulations and protocols established to protect the health of the people undergoing research,” the Ministry of Health said in the statement.

German Malaga, chief researcher at the local University of Caetano Heredia, which is taking part in the study, said one of the volunteers experienced a decrease in the strength of his legs, among other symptoms.

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