SINNER-Hurkacz 6-2 6-2, ATP Finals Turin 2021: direct result. Updates

LIVE – Sinner-Hurkacz 6-2 6-2, ATP Finals Turin 2021: direct result

Jannik Sinner – Pictures of Ray Giobello

The He lives The live text of the match between Yannick Sener NS Hubert HurkaczValid for the third day for groups Turin ATP 2021 Finals. Given Matteo Berrettini’s retirement due to tummy troubles, the South Tyrolean youth will make his debut in the “Masters Tournament” facing the person who prevented him from reaching, the Steel Pole. After the final observation of the 1000 Masters in Miami, once again a confrontation between Sinner and Hurkacz on a prestigious stage; If the Pole is the big voice-maker in the US, it’s Italy’s blue that wants to reign, capitalizing on the momentum of his audience. A balanced encounter, with Sinner ready to cause sparks. will ensure real-time updates of the challenge in question, not earlier than 21.00 on Tuesday 16 November.

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Match story

GAME, SET, MATCH SINNER. The exceptional Yannick achieved his first historic victory in the ATP Finals. Hubert Hurkacz overwhelmed in two groups.

the second group – A very good comet, he comes bravely to take the point on the net. 30-30

the second group – Hurkacz has to do his best. 0-30

SECONDO set – sin break. Destroy the blue color that will be used for the match after changing the field. 5-2

the second group – The bar gives Jannick a big hand, and he gets three break points. 0-40

the second group – Sinner’s short ball wins. Pole with his back to the wall. 0-30

the second group – Finally an easy turn for Jannik, who begins to see a finish line on the horizon. 4-2

the second group – Hurkacz gets himself out of trouble and tries to stay in his opponent’s heels. 3-2

the second group – Oh mama! It’s impossible not to get excited when Sinner expresses himself at these levels of tennis, no matter what the state of the scoring. 40-40

the second group – Hurkacz gets the bunny out of the hat, and scores a point with a great forehand. 30-30

the second group – Sinner was forced to make use of 5 of his six spells, but was able to take them all home. 3-1

the second group – Gorgeous acceleration to blue. Hurkacz responds with a nice backhand. 40-40

the second group – Wrong dribbling error. Another turn for the benefits service. 40-40

the second group – Ace of Yannick V of the match. 30-15

SECONDO set – sin break. Blue also continues in the second set and this is emphasized loudly in the Pala Alpitour.

the second group – Two break points for Sener, who is playing really well. 15-40

the second group – Hurkacz is wrong on the backhand. Attention 15-30

the second group – Sinner takes the game. So far it has canceled all five break points that have been waived. 1-1

the second group – Evil Hurkacz on breaking point, still draw. 40-40

the second group – Goes to the advantages. Immediately a delicate transformation of Janek. 40-40

the second group – Bad mistake wrong. 30-30

the second group – Hurkacz holds the bar at 30 at the start. 0-1

PRIMO SET SINNER. The fourth group is the good point. Yannick wins the first set 6-2 after 44 minutes of play.

Primo Group – Some errors are too many for a sinner. In return, Hurkacz let go of his arm. 40-40

Primo Group – Three consecutive set points for blue. 40-0

Primo Group – The pole returns to hold the serve, but Yannick will serve for the group after changing court. 5-2

Primo Group – Another great shot of Sinner, who continues to deliver a thrilling show to thrill the audience. 5-1

Primo set – Breaking the Sin. Blue increases his superiority and now has the break advantage twice. 4-1

Primo Group – Basic game conquered by Yannick who consolidated his advantage. 3-1

Primo Group – Hurkacz responded to the net, missing another breaking point. 40-40

Primo Group – Another break point has been canceled by Sinner. Game for more than 8 minutes, 40-40

Primo Group – The sinner risks the second, but benefits from it. 40-40

Primo Group – Blue ironic tape. Brick Paul Hurkacz.

Primo Group – Excellent defense from Hurkacz. Yannick misses the knockout. 40-40

Primo Group – Sinner’s fatal acceleration of the forehand hit, leaving no room for the pole to exit. 30-15

Primo set – Breaking the Sin. Blue snatches the joke from his opponent. 2-1

Primo Group – Great point Sener won. 2 break points, 15-40

Primo Group – The frontal strike is bluish. 0-30

Primo Group – Yannick replays the match and affects 1-1.

Primo Group – Another non-compulsory error for blue. 40-40

Primo Group – The wrong one cancels it with a good first. 40-40

Primo Group – Hurkacz scores with a backhand down the line. Brick ball, 30-40

Primo Group – Along the straight sin. care 30-30

Primo Group – Excellent turnaround for Hurkacz, who starts well. 0-1

Primo Group – Immediately the first pole winner. 15-0

First set – let’s go, and have fun!

21.05 – Sinner won the raffle and chose to receive.

21.00 – The Pala Alpitour greets Jannik Sinner with a thunderous roar. Applause also to the hurkaches.

20.45 – Good evening, friends of and welcome to the live transcript of the Sinner-Hurkacz match. Both players will be taking the field soon.

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