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There are two mirror moments in life Simon Carotenotto, 27 years old from Acilia, which is now known to all the very young as Sim1Workout, a name that has garnered millions of views on Youtube. The first was at the age of thirteen, when this boy, who attended schools in Vitina, fell into the abyss of anorexia and risks losing his life. The second, two years later, is a teenager who, from pain and from this distress, found the strength to teach his peers to love one another, and take care of their bodies. The story of a rebirth, in which the success of a very popular Youtube channel (half a million followers, with videos reaching a peak of more than six million views) is partially missed, but always appears when you meet this passionate boy before football, then boxing and weightlifting. There will also be, on October 28, in the Atlantic, an evening of boxing that will see Guido Vianello, now flown to America and the United Kingdom, fighting in Italy. Carotenuto will have to face a YouTuber in Milan, Street Gorilla. “I had a bad time, when I was very young, Carotenotto would switch from one training to another in the Montagnola boxing team, followed by masters Luigi Ascani and Italo Mattioli. He could have been killed. I didn’t want to see or hear anyone anymore and I was closed to myself. Fortunately, I understood my suffering and turned to specialists. For a while I was also hospitalized with baby Jesus. “

after illness
It was then that Carotenuto decided to open a channel in which he would talk about his progress. “It was difficult, because many people, when they saw my skinny body, reminded me of making fun of me. But I was stubborn and a perfectionist and gradually began to grow and improve my body.” In those years, for the first time, he gets a ring. “After a few months of training I started fighting. Unfortunately, during one of those matches I seriously injured my shoulder and had to stop.” Now he’s back to grow that passion, also following the advice of Mattia Varoni, video companion and, above all, friend. And for those who describe the challenge among YouTubers as inappropriate, on October 28, in a boxing encounter with names such as Mario Manfredi, Mirco Natalese, Francesco Sarciotto and Stephanie Silva, he replied: “Since I came to social media, I am used to dealing with criticism. “Even the fierce. They always come, no matter what they do. The truth is that what annoys him is the fact that he’s a YouTuber. But people should know that I train every day, and that I take this challenge very seriously.”

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He is lopsided about the result: “I’m working hard and my goal is to do everything to win. For me it is important to do my best.” And he says to the boys who find themselves, like him, fighting with dangerous beasts, like brooding beasts: “In the meantime, you have to admit to yourself that there is a problem. You have to understand that you are not okay. Then you must certainly seek help from experienced people and whom you must trust. them. I’m lucky to have found a good psychiatrist who was able to guide me out of this tunnel. But without him I wouldn’t be here to tell you these things.”

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