Similar power to PS5 and Xbox Series X?

few hours fromSteam Deck Surprise Announcement, the portable console from Valve, the first comments on the hardware of the device have also arrived from personalities known to the public.

It is also exposed during, or the famous broker who on more than one occasion managed to fix computer port problems for some titles before the developers could solve them (among these we remember the first Dark Souls). According to the user’s words, the strength of Steam Deck should be compared to the strength of the new generation of consoles Sony and Microsoft, that is PlayStation 5 e Xbox Xbox X. The comparison may seem risky, but Durante explained that it can be made due to the lower resolution of Valve’s portable console (equal to 1280 x 800 pixels), which allows using less powerful hardware to manage even the latest games with less effort. In other words, these are devices that have Same power per pixel.

Alternatively, if you want to get specific information and compare different devices regardless of the output resolution, a file GPU Steam Deck looks like its PlayStation 4 CPU It is somewhat equivalent to a processor with less than half the power of that installed on the latest generation of consoles. On the other hand, very good RAM, which has a size of 16 GB and is the same installed on all PlayStation 5 devices.

Waiting for pre-orders to open, we remind you Valve has created an anti-scald system for Steam Deck.

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