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Another Friuli on the podium of the Italian Ultimate Fencing Championship held last week in Cassino. After Julia Rizzi’s sword success, Michella Battiston won a silver medal in the sword competition yesterday. For the Malisana athlete under the Air Force Sports Group, this is the best professional result in this competition. The Italian title went to Rossella Gregorio of the Carabinieri Sports Center and teammate Michela Battiston in the blue quartet that won Olympic qualification for the Tokyo Olympics. 15-11 is the result in which the final attack ends. For the third step from the podium, I went to Benedetta Tarico of the Air Force and Lucia Lucarini of the Fire Brigade Sports Group.

Michella Battiston began the match with a full set of wins and was seventh in the Direct Elimination Ranking. In the scoreboard 64, the clear victory over Martina Favaretto came with a score of 15-7, and was even more pronounced in the 32 – 15-3 round over Mariela Vialli – while in the second round the victory over Benedetta Fossetti came with a score. 11-15. With a 15-10 win over Chiara Mormel, Michella Battiston was sure to clinch a medal, and it was the semi-final attack in one direction: 15-2 at Benedetta Tarrico. As mentioned, the final was defeated by Rosella Gregorio.

Michella Battiston was born and raised in fencing at Gemina Sherma in San Giorgio de Nogaro under the direction of Master Christian Racioni and Sarah Vicensen. After the two masters were transferred to the United States, Michela decided to move to Foggia at coach Benedetto Buenza’s stadium. The results of this season confirm a good choice and bring her to the Tokyo Olympics in excellent physical, technical and mental condition.

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