Silvagia Lucarelli, Disagreement on the plane with the passenger without mask: “Civilization of Italians”

put on the maskThen the answer: “But you’re not okay, but who are you?” It is the exchange of words that video from Wild Lucarelliwho denounced Fight With another passenger on a flight Turkish Airlines Directed to Istanbul. the reason? The fact that women do not want to wear mask. “The Civilization of the Italians,” the journalist commented on Twitter by publishing a video of the dispute.

Quarrel on the plane

The The quarrels took place last Thursday, when the Dancing With the Stars judge boarded the plane, it was the first trip abroad in two and a half years. But what was supposed to be a moment of relaxation turned out to be a bad experience. As he explains in the post posted on Instagram, Lucarelli during the flight noticed a couple who did not wear the mask properly: “There was this pair. Throughout the flight, he kept the mask under his nose, under his mouth, and got up to open the phone case as he pleased (I saw it lower), at one point I asked him to wear the mask properly, I thought it was there.” But the worst was yet to come.” We landed, all packed. about the top box. She doesn’t even wear a maskNot even pretending to respect the rules. I tell her to wear it. I didn’t want the documentation, I wanted to quit my job at home. But no, I refused and a discussion arose, so I pick up the phone,” the journalist continues.

“Arrogance is the evil of the world, don’t be silent”

At the end of the video, the passenger leaves with her luggage. The journalist concludes:Arrogance is the evil of the world. Especially when the world gets sick, like today, and we should all take care of it as much as possible. And it’s not about smashing my balls: it’s about not letting the world go well the way it is. Never be silent.”

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