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“It is a mistake to wait for an updated vaccine. Today, vaccines, although created on the original virus, work very well against the acute form of the disease, even against the Omicron variant and its sub-variants. So we must strive to achieve this: avoid intensive treatment and hospitalization.” So said Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Celeri to Microphones Radio Capital on 4 / dose. “I think it’s not necessary under a certain age,” Sileri, who has voiced himself against the use of masks at school, added that next fall “no restrictive measures are foreseen.”

The mask is “most likely used for late teens,” Sileri said, noting that even the most vulnerable populations are in greater safety than in the past: “Today our seniors are vaccinated and they have a reminder: Young people should not cause much harm.” Moreover, for the agent, “there will be fluctuations in the spread of the virus. But it is a situation that cannot be imposed on what it has been in the past two and a half years” in terms of hospitalization. In the long term, coexistence with Covid “means that we will behave with this group of viruses and all variants exactly as we do with other viruses that harm influenza. It will enter the list of viruses that we must be vaccinated against every year”, concluded Sileri.

“We have seen an increase in the administration of vaccines by about 40%, mainly fourth doses,” Alessio D’Amato, a health advisor for the Lazio region, told ANSA.

Fiaso, hospitalized + 35% of the total hospitalized treatment
The number of Covid patients in hospitals continues to increase. In one week, from July 5 to 12, in the hospitals of the Fiaso sentinel network, the number of hospitalized patients increased by 35.5%. A big jump from the 19% increase recorded in the previous week. But from the weekly analysis, a different trend appears in the curves between the occupation of the regular wards and the intensive care unit. For a 38% increase in hospitals in regular wards (infectious diseases, internal medicine) there is a very small 7% decrease in resuscitation (equivalent to 3 fewer patients). This phenomenon is in line with the trend of the epidemic in the general population: in fact, hospitalizations grow with the usual 6-7 day delay in infections. According to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals, the data also appears to confirm that the new variant of Omicron has a high rate of infection but its symptoms are milder thanks to the vaccines. Among patients admitted to hospital on regular wards, 21% of unvaccinated patients are vaccinated and 68% have received their last dose for more than 6 months now. Among the patients hospitalized, to date, 45% relate to patients with Covid, who have respiratory and pulmonary diseases typical of Covid; “The other 55%, on the other hand – notes Fiaso – consist of Covid patients, incidentally found to be smear positive before hospitalization but hospitalized for other illnesses.” Finally, “in intensive care – concludes Fiaso – given the low numbers, it can be said that there is a significant stabilization.”

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Among the smallest hospital admissions after the July 5 jump, hospitalizations fell slightly. In the four children’s hospitals and children’s wards of the hospitals of the Fiaso sentinel network, the number of patients in hospital decreased by 8%. Children ages 0-4 end up in hospital, and they make up a total of 73% of hospitalized patients.

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