Silent Hill 2, surprise: Not set in the 1990s

Masahiro Ito, the coach and mastermind behind the game’s creatures, revealed this Silent Hill 2 It is not set in 90 As he thought so far.

Ito said on social media that on his original idea, protagonist James Sunderland should have heard the song A pale shade is whiter In the head before “Dive into the lake”.

That song was released in 1967. And we prepared it Silent Hill 2 to me Late 1970s or early 1980s», Via Twitter.

“The organic part of that song makes me feel nostalgic or regret. I still don’t understand exactly what those words mean, but” as it happened later “reminds me of how James felt at that moment.

Speaking of the place, Ito was keen to add that “At least it wasn’t in the 1990s.”, A claim that refutes the reconstruction of the games the silent Hill After farewell to Team Silent at Konami.

As mentioned PC games, At Silent Hill Homecoming, a chronology of the series is introduced, only that game not curated by the creators of IP but by the outside Double Helix team.

Accordingly chronology, the silent Hill In 1983, Silent Hill 2 In 1993And the the silent Hill In 2000 and Silent Hill 4 room In 2001.

Apparently, I found an ITO version Several confirmations: The technology in the game really matches that of the 1970s, as is the James pistol.

A rebuild will definitely have historic fans ring their ears, since the games themselves have never been as forthright about timing, giving them food for the mind as the saga was doing.

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Recently, Konami Close some Its dedicated sections To develop video games, which seem to at least on the surface eliminate the possibility of new games appearing the silent Hill.

Anyway, the Japanese house confirmed To explore the streets Getting to fulfill other chapters of survival horror.

Creator Keiichiro Toyama He recently left the Japan Studio, The development team who thought it was working on a game in the PS5 series, that at least cut a path possible.

If you want to purchase a modern AAA product from Konami, you may want to know more about the legend of the Big Boss at Metal Gear Solid V.

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