Siebe Vanhee repeats the Parthian Shot style and other extreme trading methods on English stonecrop

During a climbing trip to the UK, Belgian climber Siebe Vanhee repeated a series of challenging and dangerous trade routes including the Parthian Shot E9, End of the Affair E8 and Gaia E8.

Between late October and early November, Belgian climber Siebe Vanhee visited the Peak District National Park in the UK to replicate as many of the extreme trade routes as possible on English limestone.

Despite the usual inclement weather, Fanhee managed to climb more than a respectable number of routes on his first limestone trek. Rare iteration of E9 . emerges Parthian shot By John Dunne in Burbage South, Climbing in Flash Style for Celebrities Jaya A Black Rocks H end of the case In Corbar, they are the cornerstones of Johnny Dawes. Other noteworthy iterations are Ron Fawcett’s masterpiece Foresight, Masters Edge E7 in the Millstone Quarry, the rise of the immaculate in flash style good gesture D. Jonny Woodward A Froggate Edge.

Fanhee was followed by director Andrea Couso, and in the film to be released next year he will try to answer the questions that all foreigners who come to climb in Great Britain ask themselves: “Why such strong morals? Where did they originate? No nails, no fixed protection? What is the “falling theory”? And this strange gradual system? What mentality does it take to be most effective on this rock, in this fashion, without breaking a leg? Why not Simply climbing unrestricted? Is it really that dangerous?”

Parthian shot
E9 6c – Head Point (with pre-installed protections)
end of the case E8 6c – Head Point
Jaya E8 6c – Flash
Masters Edge E7 6c – Onsight
good gesture E7 6c – Flash
Ulysses E6 6b – Head point
London Wall E5 6a – Foresight

links: FB Siebe VanheeAnd www.siebevanhee.beAnd La SportivaWild Country, North Face

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