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Sarah, Giovanna and Valentina managed to win their first prize money by guessing the correct term for the last word.

Champions chain reaction, The divinationFinally, they managed to win. Sarah, Giovanna and Valentina She held the title since August 9, after a defeat quarter to .

However, they have not yet won the Last Word Awards Collection.

Reaction to Katina, the divination path

Thursday 12 August EGP divination brave brilliantAnd Margarita, Anna and Alessandra. start with the first match, word search. Among the terms that will be specified SalariaAnd Weather vane, Canasta, Erwig.

The fortuneteller won 8000 euros against 4000 euros for their opponents.

chain reaction musical divination chains

Chain reaction, musical strings

in a The first musical series Suggested by Marco Lorne, the idea is Masterpiece. Sprizzanti with Museum, Night, Fonda, Jane. The song sounds familiar to them but they don’t want to take the risk. Connect Margherita, Anna and Alessandra Tarzan. The heroes wrap it up with I’m screaming Also guess the title of the song. And’ Beautiful and impossible from Gianna Nannini.

helps Instead it is proof of The second musical series. Divinations begin with boss. Instead he adds the challengers tenAnd ics. Marco Lorne It suggests to the bands that the song in question is from 1979.

Sprizzanti guesses the exact address. It is located around message in a bottle subordinate the police.

The champion reaches 17 thousand euros. Le Sprizzanti instead at 29,000 euros.

when where how why

When, where, how and why

Marco Lorne introduces the game yet When, where, how and why.

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first word, Crossword puzzle, by divination: “During a relaxing break, under a canopy, it is fickle, because it is a game with horizontal and vertical words.”

Double for champions with diapers: “After the shower, on the changing table, it can be discarded, because it is still too early to use the potty.”

As fortune-tellers invade the term the pressure: “When the sky is clear, without a cloud, in the atmosphere, it is high, because if it is low, it usually rains.”

Le Sprizzanti’s last win when with Laundry: “Once or twice a week, indoors, with the right people, because if the water is too hot, it can change color.”

Divination rises to 33,000 euros. On the other hand, opponents advance with 37,000 euros.

The hissing reaction leads one to the other

Chain reaction, one pulls the other, Zot

Sibyls and Sprizzanti are subject to the first One leads to the other. scabies opens and Looting Close. It consists of conditions Trouble, arithmetic, mind, liar and thin. Sprizzanti closes it but giving 15,000 euro zip code for discounts: lipstick, mouth, half, slit.

In a second, one leads to the other miser opens and Therapy Close. Inside the words were contained stingy, park, patriotic, sport and medicine.

It is concluded again by Sprizzanti and they also give the 20,000 euro zip code for divination: Suit, suit, full, petrol.

across the Providence Sprizzanti, who are at a disadvantage, managed to steal 5 seconds from the heroes.

The last series

Winning Agreement, Final Series, Final Word

In the winning team, they start playing brilliant. in a 65 seconds They guessed it 7 Parole.

The divination, who assert themselves as heroes, have identified 11 terms.

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Sarah, Jovana and Valentina are now facing each otherUltima Catena with 133,000 euros. The first pairs are:

  • bus trip: Line
  • bus and whipping: appearance
  • wax cake: candles.

At the end of the first round they have halves twice and used the joker.

The game continues with the other pairs:

  • cake, face: Face
  • viso, halloween: mask
  • halloween head: Pumpkin.

Arrival of fortune-tellers to“The last word is 33,250 euros. The well-known term is President, the person to guess starts with employment and ends with a.

After purchasing the third item, Secondly, guess the correct word: Person. The fortune teller wins 16,625 euros.

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