Shuhei Yoshida of Sony believes that artificial intelligence will render learning video game programming useless

Interview by The Guardian, Shuhei Yoshida to Sony He explained that according to him the evolution artificial intelligence It will render learning programming for video game development useless or almost useless.

According to Yoshida, developers will need to learn new skills to use AI effectively, which will have a positive impact on game development.

Yoshida: “It’s one a tool. Someone should use it. AI can do some really strange things, as you may have seen. You should be able to put it to good use. They will change the nature of learning for game developers, but in the end development will be more efficient and people will make more and more beautiful things.

In the future, by learning to use these tools, people will no longer need to learn programming. Creativity is most important, direction and how you present what you want.”

Yoshida joined PlayStation in 1993, a year before the company’s first console was released, and rose to become President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. He is currently sponsoring independent developers within PlayStation.

Continuing to talk about AI, Yoshida said that he watched fifteen Japanese indie game presentations one morning, one of which was accompanied by beautiful images created with AI by a group of students.

They said they used it Medjourney, an AI Art creator, to create images. It’s amazing how few guys can make such a cool looking game. In the future, AI will be able to create interesting animations, behaviors, and even debuggers.”

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