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Won’t return until things settle down, said Ghulam Ali cancelling concerts in India


Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali has called off all his planned concerts in India, declaring he won’t go India until ‘things are settled down.’


The renowned singer said his disappointment over the recent hindrance for Pakistani artists in India, asserting that Indian audience has always welcomed him and his art openly.

“I have cancelled all my future concerts in India, will never come back to India. I will not perform until things settle down. I’m hurt by recent incidents in India. As of now I have decided not to come to India. Indian fans have been very supportive. I’m a singer, I will talk about music, not politics,” Ghulam Ali told the media.


Now, all Ghulam Ali’s scheduled performances, including the one in Delhi on Nov 8, and another in Lucknow, are cancelled.

As reports state, Ghulam Ali gets hurt by the politics being played over his performing in India and how political points were attempting to score brownie points by not allowing him sing in India.

Earlier, the prominent singer was halted to perform in Mumbai and in Pune when Shiv Sena jeopardized to intervene concerts. A sort of criticism sprout afterwards as many art loving personalities from within as well as outside India stormed at Hindu extremist group.

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