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Watch teaser-2 of Fan: Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday treat for fans


The day November 2, 2015 can be termed as the greatest day in lives of SRK and his fans, as today Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan of Bollywood turned 50, the treat he gave his fans and lovers was something never seen before.


50-years-old Shah Rukh spend more than 25 years of his lives in acting and entertaining people, that means he served more than half of his lives in serving others, despite this today, rather than asking for his silver Jubilee in the Bollywood or ovations and praises on his 5oth birthday. He went on with paying homage to his fans, who are the real treasury of an artist, the tribute by SRK to each and every of his fan would have really burst million eyes into tears, and that were just the tears showing and proving the affection of star-fan relation.


The film produced under prestigious Yash Raj Films, directed by Maneesh Sharma intends to show the ‘Duniya Ke Sabse Bade Superstar Ka, Sabse Bada FAN’,  hope you got it, the film stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. The trailer released today, have ended much of the speculation about the film, as it was known from the day first that it is a story about star-fan, but the 1st teaser of the film didn’t showed much as it was with aim to raise curiosity and ended up just naming the fan boy, Gaurav.

The 2nd teaser tells about the affection and attachment of a diehard fan and shows his possessiveness towards his star, the second teaser continued with the same curiosity, which revealed it in the last, the FAN Ghaurav, and none other than Shah Rukh is playing the role of a fan and a star him self. That’s what makes him SRK, truly marvelous.

SRK’s birthday number 50


He’s always been confident about himself, on the other hand his modesty and humbleness meets no comparison. As today he turned 50, pre-celebrations by his fans were all over and all on this, superstar Shah Rukh was indebted to his fans for all this.

Shah Rukh via Twitter expressed his feeling with the fans and presented them with something that can be called as ‘biggest gift for fan’.

Shah Rukh Khan turned 50 and here’s the treat for every fan

Teaser-2 of Fan

Fan-teaser 1

This was released on 9th July, 2015.

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