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Unleashed for artists, Mahesh Bhatt to call Ghulam Ali for singing in ‘Milne Do’


India’s prominent filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt stated on Thursday he has roped in Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali to sing for his play titled ‘Milne Do’.


The famous Bollywood director mostly portrays intense love story between two cultural-crossed persons during times of hatred in his plays. He says he wants to ‘stitch’ ties between the neighbouring countries with Ghulam Ali’s singing skills.

“Ghulam Ali has been approached and he has gracefully agreed to lend his voice and be a part of the peace endeavour through performing arts. I can’t say whether he will come to India or not, but he will certainly sing a song which will be a part of the play,” said Bhatt, who had made Ghulam Ali to sing his film ‘Awaargi’ in 1990.


Earlier, the ghazal singer Ghulam Ali faced resistance by Shiv Sena in India last month, when the extremist group boycotted against all Pakistani artists working in their state. “Chupke chupke raat din” for BR Chopra’s 1982 film ‘Nikaah’ called off his planned concerts in Delhi, saying that he won’t return to India until ‘things are settled down’.

Meanwhile, it struck Bhatt that why not use ‘his voice to glue the nations together through this play’.

Milne Do is a collaborative efforts of theatre actors from India and Pakistan and would be staged on April 24 next year at Shri Ram Centre here before it travels to other cities of India and Pakistan.

The music for the play is composed by ‘Laal Band’ of Pakistan, which would also perform live during the play, while the story has been written by Suhrita, the writer of ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’.

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