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Umair Jaswal vs Ali Azmat: Stage set, are you ready?


Umair Jaswal-Ali Azmat’s miff is talk of the town since the leaked video of Azmat commenting over the young musicians, most probably at Jaswal surfaced on social media. Fans of both the stars also got on in some social media trolls, but that couldn’t set well as both the stars were in no mood of tolerating and were keen to to set the matter asap, ‘Who is the best?’


Red Bull, who always gives space to the never seen before talent, this time coined a concert, competition in between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal with naming it ‘Red Bull Soundclash’ .


Red Bull Soundclash will be taking place on August 27th at Expo Center Karachi, and if you think it will be a friendly concert than you need to rethink as two opposing stages for both of them will be set with four rounds to compete for the affection of the crowd that will be gauged by a decibel meter. So to be very clear it means, there will be only one winner on the day.

Ali Azmat vs Umair Jaswal

There might be no such differences before Ali Azmat’s leaked video mocking Jaswal came out in which he most prominently said that with just yelling one can’t become superstar, to do this one has to compose songs and compose them continuously.

Jaswal, went on with a big smile over the video and asked his fans to pardon ‘old’ Ali Azmat over this.

But this didn’t ended here as Azmat responded with a challenge to face-off, and Jaswal rapidly responded it with saying “bring it on.”


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