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Umair Jaswal reveals ‘Red Bull Soundclash’ whole campaign was scripted


Red Bull Soundclash’ was surely one of the most hyped musical events of this year in Pakistan, as this was way more than what we call a ‘concert’. 


The event was labelled as ‘Umair Jaswal vs Ali Azmat’ clash, and the thing which made audience anxious was that there would only one winner on the contest night.

Now days have passed since this music mania hit the Karachi, people are still glad about it as the each of the review tells a different story.

Seeing all this, Umair Jaswal has opened that it was neither a contest, nor the tiff between him and Ali Azmat was real, it was all scripted to cut off the distance between the two musical generations.

Umair took to social media to open about the event:

“Thank you #Instep For an honest Review unlike others who only spread hatred and negativity lately. This show and the whole campaign was scripted & designed to bring two generations of music lovers closer & it served it’s purpose. ? Music won & The crowd got its money’s worth.Ali Azmatt is a Rock God & will forever be my one true inspiration. Thankyou all who attended the show, who came in my support. I love you all & remember spread peace, love and practice tolerance. Always ?


Much love
Umair Jaswal”

4 Rounds of Umair Jaswal vs Ali Azmat ‘Red Bull Soundclash’


Each band plays 3 of their own songs to warm up the crowd.


The DJ cuts in a well-known song. Each band plays a cover version of this famous song in their style.


Band 1 plays one of their hits. In the middle of the song Band 2 takes over the song in their style.


The bands have to play their own songs in 3 different styles.


Each band plays one more song together with an invited musician/special guest of their own choosing.

Ali Azmat vs Umair Jaswal

There might be no such differences before Ali Azmat’s leaked video mocking Jaswal came out in which he most prominently said that with just yelling one can’t become superstar, to do this one has to compose songs and compose them continuously.

Jaswal, went on with a big smile over the video and asked his fans to pardon ‘old’ Ali Azmat over this.

But this didn’t ended here as Azmat responded with a challenge to face-off, and Jaswal rapidly responded it with saying “bring it on.”


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