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True Love: Nouman Javaid still waiting for Fariha Pervez


Months back news about Fariha Pervez seeking divorce from Nouman Javaid made headlines as this was followed up by the suicidal attempt by the Dard-e-Tanhai fame singer. But still after months have passed, Nouman Javiad is still waiting for his wife Fariha.


“I am sure that I will be successful in maintaining my marriage because I have never thought of anyone else other than her,” said Nouman Javaid while in talks with The Express Tribune, adding, “I will wait till the end for Fariha.”

“I remain committed to convincing her and some sincere friends and relatives are supporting me in this regard. I am not about to change my decision because of a few misunderstandings; this is the only thing on my agenda right now.” Nouman Javaid seems quite optimistic about his future with Fariha.


Earlier, Dard-e-Tanhai famous singer tried to end up his life after eating around 50 sleeping pills. Although, after days of hospitalization he was announced out of danger. At first Javaid’s close sources told that he got injured in car accident or due to gas leakage in his room.

The singer opened up about all this and told the reason behind his suicide attempt, while talking to media he told, “I was in depression for quite some time before finally attempting suicide. I was facing issues in life but I wish to make it clear that my marriage has not ended yet,” he was all sure to get all the matters resolved.

“Secondly, Fariha was not the only reason behind my depression; there were a number of other things involved,” he added.

Nouman and Fariha tied knot earlier this year in January during a private ceremony.

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