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Top 5 Controversies: Shaista Lodhi


Whether it is West or East, idealism exists all over the world. The people of modern era are obsessed with certain celebrities and stars. Pakistani folks are also included in the category of such people who make stars, like them, follow them and even adore them but at the same time criticize them as well. Our electronic media is playing a major role in trend setting among the masses. People especially our youth tend to follow whatever trends are exhibited in our media and more specifically in those TV shows which are excessively watched by the viewers. Shaista Lodhi’s name is one of those who directly or indirectly influence the viewers and it’s a common curiosity that people like to know more about the person whom they like. But besides this likeness she has been in the top stories for couple of years. According to the people she has been stuck in a number of controversies some of them are the outcome of her own ignorance and mistakes while some are drawn with conspiracies.


Firstly, she was accused to imitate all those styles of comparing which adopted by previously famous Nadia Khan. It has also been said that Shaista snatched the precious place of Nadia as claimed by Nadia who was given a night show after Shaista’s occupying the seat for morning show. While Nadia’s humorous remarks about Shaista’s brother Sahir Lodhi also created a sort of tension between these two ladies.


Controversial news about Shaista Lodhi was the rumor that she had emotional attachment with the owner of big group. It had been said that after being divorced she had crush towards the middle aged man. However, it is acknowledged latter that all these rumors were based on falsehood and there was no truth in these concocted stories.

Thirdly, she was once again become a part of critical debate, when her partly nude pictures came to light. It was reported that she had been enjoying her vacations with her husband (before divorce) at a coastal area and all these pictures were captured during these moments.

Lastly, the recently raised issue about Shaista Lodhi was that acts which occurred in her morning show, besides a series of protest against her and the concerning channel was raised by the people after the ‘Manqabat’ delivered by a famous ‘qawal’ during the show in which the sacred personalities were compared to common ones.
Apart from all these criticism and alleges, Shaista herself confessed that whatever had happened was not a deliberate act and that she is now ashamed of all these offensive incidents. She literally demanded apology over all this.

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