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There’s extreme intolerance in India, I’d return my awards: Shah Rukh Khan


B-Town’s King Khan who reached the golden jubilee, 50, of his life today (November 2), expressed that it’s not effortless to use the a legal right of freedom of speech despite its existing on the Constitution.


Shah Rukh Khan said that he would be willing to return his awards to symbolically gesturing just like those who gave up their National Awards over the past month.

“Yes, as a symbolic gesture I would give it up,” said SRK adding emphatically that “I do think there is intolerance. There is extreme intolerance.”



“We may talk about freedom of voice and speech, but people come outside my house and throw stones if I take a stand about an X thing or Y thing, like I have taken before. But if I do take a stand, I will stand by it, I will not succumb. But the best thing sometimes is Yaar yeh baatein jo hain na thodi din ke liye hain, inko chalne doh yeh ho jayega. Now, if I talk about something like FTII, I’ll have 17 people gunning for me”.

“I would stay out of these issues because I think first the issues are really blown out of proportion for some reason. I would love to help FTII. I think what’s happening is completely wrong and it is extremely disturbing,” added the mega star.

Earlier, SRK’s new venture Fan’s teaser was also released on the day of his 50th birthday that took social media by storm. Meanwhile, the birthday has also become the top trend not only in India but also in Pakistan as well.

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