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Taher Shah’s ‘Mermaid’ song to release on this Christmas


Music lovers were awe struck with Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song, now they won’t have to wait anymore as Shah will soon be coming up with song ‘Mermaid’, which will be releasing on this Christmas .


Earlier, after his debut song ‘Eye to Eye’ Taher Shah came back with his next track after a hiatus, though this time the leaked image of his song ‘Mermaid’ on social media tells that this song will be releasing on 25th December over Christmas.

Yet now Shah hasn’t officially confirmed about his latest song, which has left people speculating about it.



Taher Shah singer whose first video number ‘Eye to Eye’ some three years back had received lots of appreciation. Simplest of lyrics and direction of video had every element to look at. It was instant hit on social media and then electronic media had to pick it up.


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