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Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song no more, Ali Zafar’s ‘Angel’ version will leave you in tears


The World was still messing in Taher’s Shah’s sensational spell, means ‘Angel’ song buzz was still in the air. Many on social media platforms praised the song, on the other hand, dozens of them also advised Shah to leave singing. Altogether, the seasonal singer was able to took the internet by storm.


Amid the debate, whether Taher Shah’s voice have soothing affect for the ears or have devastating affect on brain, we have got a soulful version of the same song, and that is by our very own ‘Rockstar’ Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar’s cover of Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song


The cover of ‘Angel’ by Ali Zafar is going viral for all the right reasons.

Taher Shah first shook the audience with his debut song ‘Eye to Eye’, which made him overnight star. Than after a gap of around 3 years, Taher Shah came back in the action, this time with ‘Angel’ song.

It will be worth mentioning that Shah even successfully grabbed attention of international media due to his uniqueness and creativity.

Taher Shah’s Angel is viewed over Million times on You Tube just within three days of its release.

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