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Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ parody song ‘Brain-chod’ by Indian singer will make you numb


The parody version might be a little disturbing one for the ‘Angel’ Taher Shah’s fans, but this proves the point that every action has reaction. The latest parody song version seems to be the reaction of Indians over Taher Shah’s song.


This is not something that all of the Indian fans aren’t liking Taher Shah’s epic performance, but the singer-writer of the song Yash Thakur is representing the fraction, especially Raveena Tandoon.

Taher Shah’s Angel parody song by Indian singer Yash Thakur

The song opens up with a message written: If Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song was honest!


Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song lyrics:

“Angel …… Mankind’s…… Angel……

Angel …… Mankind’s…… Angel……

I’ am like an Angel, … Mankind’s Angel

My heart is like a rose, … mankind’s soul

Dearest creation, by God

Heaven on earth, mankind’s Angel

Lonely for you, like an Angel

Your love is, my true Angel

Without you I always, live alone

As the heart beats, without a soul

I fall in love with you, always….

Like Angels, love other Angels

Angel Angel, … mankind’s Angel

Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa…………….”


Angel song parody ‘Brainchod’ lyrics

“Brainchod, Mankind’s brainchod, brainchod, mankind’s brainchod
I am a bloody brainchod (Screw You), Mankind’s danger (Jhandu)
I am singing like crows, the video is gross
Destroying Nations, with my noise
Annoying on Earth from my birth
Only for you, I am a brainchod
I am a danger, killing strangers
Not only brain, I also attack heart………”

From soulful lyrics to ruthless lyrics, Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ will be bringing many more.

‘Brainchod’ singer-writer Yash Thakur (Shudh Desi Videos)

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