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Super model Ayyan releases first number as a singer


Pakistani top model Ayyan launched her singing career as her music video “You and I” was released on Eid.


The song titled, “You and I” sung by Ayyan and Mr Charm, is a totally collection of chestnut and a bad addition in pop music library. The composition of music in terms of electronic beats and synthesized ‘fillers’ is a child’s work. Though the average listener will take it as okay but the more critical listener could not help crying over the mix.

Ayyan’s sound as singer is limited to few vigilantly auto tuned flashes with mostly a weird mantra ‘Na Na Na Nas’. Even Mr Charm’s lyrical abilities and general appearance could not add thrill to the video. They would understand that this is 2014 and lyrics like the below could not make audience sit back and watch the video again and again.


“Life…What is Life without party…party…what is party without girls?”

“I am coming back to my life…I make you swallow your pride.”

The song indulges in some imagery and eye catchy scenes that may amuse sight but hard to make everybody dance like it’s on fire.

Ayyan plans to launch an entire album.

Here is the video of Ayyan’s first single:

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