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Sridevi, Karisma, Kajol Kareena, and Alia Bhatt pose for Vogue as celebrating Manish Malhotra


How fascinating it would be if two generations’ heroines of Bollywood pose for the cover photo in almost same coloured costumes? Mind-blowing! I believe.


The heroines from different decades have come under the same roof with eyes smiling for the photographer in getting an epic shot, as the Indian designer celebrated 25 years in the fashion business and earned himself a spot on Vogue India’s cover.

The spectators would be led to his/her own era of Bollywood experience as the photo contains almost four decades of the industry’s queens. If you are eighty’s fan, you will be having Sridevi on the cover; in the following decade, you will come across with Karisma Kapoor and Kajol; the first decade of the 21 century offers Bollywood’s Beboo Kareena Kapoor, while, the first half of the second decade presents Alia Bhatt in one cover.



The designer tells Vogue about the gigs:

“I have been working since I was 20. I was never that kid who hung out in college canteens. At 19, I saved up money from my modelling gigs and traveled abroad for the first time, I had my first brush with fashion as a designer-cum-sales-boy at a small boutique called Equinox. I also used my time there to do a lot of sketching and learn how to drape on mannequins.”

He also admitted saying: “I was always very fascinated by Hindi film heroines and their colourful costumes. There were times during my teen years when I would have seen 2-3 movies a day, dragging my sister-in-law with me. Even at age six, I had an opinion on which sari or dupatta my mother should wear.”

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