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Sonu Nigam disguised himself and after singing hours on roadside, all he was given were 12 Rupees


You might have seen many social experiments, this social experiment featuring Sonu Nigam is a way ahead than all others. Those who have seen the social experiment of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, would better know that this one is a little similar than Ronaldo’s as he also showcased his skills while he was disguised  and none of the passerby couldn’t recognize him.


Similarly, one of the most celebrated singer of India, Sonu Nigam disguised himself and sat on a roadside along with his musical instrument, where he exhibit his highly acknowledged voice which have won several national and international awards. Although, none of the passerby was able to recognize him even by his voice.

After hours of singing, what he was given was a small praise and 12 rupees by a young man.

Video: Sonu Nigam disguised himself as roadside singer 



With this one thing is proved that Sonu Nigam needs no stage to perform, he has the ability to perform anywhere in the world, and now with performing roadside he might be the first star singer to do so. Earlier in February 2016, he also spread magic with his voice in airplane at height of 30,000 feet with using intercom.

Although, while talking about roadside signing video, he told this one was his one of the best experiences so far, he also told that 12 rupees given by the young boy were giving him feel like as he have earned lakhs.

He also told that he dared to do this experiment as he was wanted to feel the small moments in life again.


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