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Song of Lahore Official Trailer: A music documentary film by Sharmeen Obaid


Song of Lahore is the music documentary film of Sachal Studios directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Andy Shocken is set to release on November 13, 2015.


Song of Lahore is a documentary film of Pakistani music group Sachal Studios. It tells their story how they make their way from Pakistan to Lincoln Center of New York City at the invitation of Wynton Marsalis. The Sachal Studios music group rehearse with Marsalis’ band The Jazz then take the stage together at Lincoln Center of New York.2995_frank_stewart1500V3

The worldwide premier of the film was released on April 18, 2015 at the Tribeca Film Festival and now the limited release is scheduled for 13th November 2015.SOS+-+BTS+-+Nadir+-+Nijat-1+1500V2


Sachal Studios was founded by Izzat Majeed in 2004 with the aim of promoting music again in Lahore. After convincing a number of master musicians to pick up their instruments again, they quietly released some classical and folk albums.  But it is an experimental album fusing jazz and South Asian instruments that brings Sachal Studios worldwide acclaim.  Their rendition of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five becomes a sensation, and Wynton Marsalis invites them to New York to perform with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.  After a groundbreaking week of rehearsals fusing the orchestras from Lahore and New York, the musicians take to the stage for a remarkable concert.1367_frank_stewart1500V4

Despite their rising international acclaim, Sachal Studios remains virtually unknown in Pakistan. The ensemble is faced with a daunting task; to reclaim and reinvigorate an art that has lost its space in Pakistan’s narrowing cultural sphere.3014_frank_stewart1500V2

Song of Lahore Official Trailer

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