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‘Shut the World Out’ Ali Noor’s first English number


The renowned name in the pop industry in Pakistan Ali Noor has made his debut in international market after giving various hit numbers.


He started his singing career as vocalist in a rock group after the name ‘Noori band’ which was formed in 1996.

Ali, with his versatile singing abilities and innovations in music, gave certain number of hit songs which won him world fame in the music industry.

After composing the songs like ‘Manwa Rey’, ‘Marey log’, and the like, Ali has now step into deliver a number in worldwide spoken language.

With the collaboration of his Canada-based cousin Zameer Rizvi, Ali sang his first ever English song ‘Shut the World Out’ which is a soft-rock romantic ballad.


It is a praiseworthy attempt by both of them, the number contains common sort of lyrics with visually appealing with video.

It was not an easy thing to distinguish between the voices of the two cousins. Ali Noor’s composed songs are usually known to be raw and forceful which give a sort of energy to the listeners.

Moreover, a number of other Pakistani singers who have also been singing English songs which gives a pleasant sign to the world regarding Pakistan.

Here is the Video:

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