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Shahan Zaidi’s Bloody Nasreen flaunts her carefree attitude and glam powers


“I created Bloody Nasreen to show the strength of a Pakistani women who can fight corrupt people and does not care about social scrutiny,” says Shahan Zaidi.


“The idea to create the character of Bloody Nasreen arose into my mind as Pakistan lacks females strong enough to fight against gangsters and corrupt people of the society,” said Shahan Zaidi while talking to a televised interview with a UK based TV network.

He was talking about his graphical novel based on a  character of a 27 year old bold and daring girl wearing kameez and leggings with a blood red dupatta. She seems to be a hot killing machine as carrying a gun very aggressively.


“Glamour is an appeal to any campaign. Though people criticizes Nasreen’s looks but my super hero does care about social scrutiny and only focuses on fighting against corrupt people, gangsters and terrorists in Karachi,” he added further.

Earlier to this, Crew Motion Pictures (CMP) which is a sister company of crew films has gained the rights to the Bloody Nasreen feature film and has announced that the film will be released in 2017.

“We are aiming that Bloody Nasreen will hit the screens in 2017, but we will be presenting another film before that,” Faisal Rafi, senior producer at CMP who is writing the story line for Bloody Nasreen Film told media.

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