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Shah Rukh Khan offers job to his FAN at VFX studios


Shah Rukh Khan, King Khan, Badshah of Bollywood are the names of very same person known as our very own SRK. So many names of a single person are just possible if he is Shah Rukh Khan as this shows how fans really celebrate their superstar.


As it is being acknowledged all around a star is made up by the fans if one has no fan he really can’t enjoy the stardom regardless that how much credible he is.

Keeping all that in mind what would be the finest payback from a star to his fan. You might be thinking that just recognising a fan is a really big deal from the star to a fan. But if you are a SRK fan you know that he has much more for you.

He not only acknowledges love of his fans, he even praises them. And one of the prime example is that he has made a whole of the film regarding ‘Star-Fan’ relation.

Apart from this he has to owe much more to his fans, see how he did that:


A fan of SRK posted his own version of FAN trailer, King Khan after watching it not only appreciated that guy, he also offered him a job at VFX Studios.




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