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Shah Rukh Khan gets 20 million followers on Twitter, thanks fans in the most unique way possible


Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan of Bollywood has numerous times proved why he is regarded as one of the bests of B-Town. Doing it once again, after rocketing it to the 20 Million followers on Twitter, rather than extending an ordinary message he came up with a ‘thank you’ message for his fans in his own style.


Raees star lauded the fans role in his life as they make him strong to deal with the hard times in life. “This is not a thank you for the number of 20 million we have reached. Actually this is a thank you to tell that you have helped me deal with so many issues in life which happened to me every day.”

The versatile star thanked fans in the most unique way possible as he spoke about the most annoying fans he mingle with them in daily life.

Fan Number 1


“Thank you to the guy who suddenly out of nowhere shoves a currency note under my nose and insists on a autograph. Sir, you don’t know it’s very difficult to write on a currency note and it is also illegal to deface currency.”

Fan Number 2

“And I want to thank that guy who suddenly comes and sits in front of me on the small seat in my first class suite on a plane and introduces himself, ‘Hello, I am so and so,’ while I am actually trying to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence behind his back and Sir, I am not interested in knowing why are you going to the same city as me and what you are going to do there in the evening.”

Fan Number 3

“And thank yous are in order to that man who suddenly, in a public place, bends down wearing such loose jeans that I can see the cleavage of his hairy bum. Thank you bro for really giving me a repressed mid-life.”

Fan Number 4

“Thank you to the engineers who have done stuff on the phone that it suddenly switches between Hindi and English and as much as I may try, I can’t turn it back in one shot without feeling like a pre-maturely geriatric twit.”


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