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See Momina Mustehsan’s engagement photos here!


Pakistan entertainment industry is blessed with superb voices, though many of them remain unnoticed for years, but Momina Mustehsan was quite lucky to grab the whole attention among the leaders of music. Her song ‘Afreen Afreen’ made her a superstar across the globe, as Coke Studio is being heard worldwide.


It was not the singing debut of Mustehsan as she had earlier exhibited her talent alongside Farhan Saeed, but ‘Afreen Afreen’ made here a massive star.

Since than the music enthusiasts have all gone crazy for her, at the same time news about her engagement surfaced which left netizens with teary eyes. Though she immediately intervened and told that she’s not engaged at all.


Now once again her photos revolving on social media tells she has recently got engaged with Ali Naqvi during a private ceremony.

Momina Mustehsan’s engagement photos


Latest: Finally Momina Mustehsan speaks up about her engagement photos

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