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Salman Khan’s Biography ‘Being Human’ to be released on his 50th birthday


If you think that you know it all about your favorite superstar Salman Khan then there’s someone coming your way to prove you wrong as a Delhi-based writer Jasim Khan and Publishers of the book Penguin India vows that the biography named ‘Being Human’ which will be released on Dabaang Khan’s 50th birthday will be treat for Sallu fans plus it will be having some unknown facts about the superstar.


The Salman-manics will surely be knowing the birth date of Salman, not just remember, they might be waiting desperately for the day. And the one who are not to sure about that, not to forget that, 27th December will be the day marked as 50 years of Being Human’s founder Salman Khan.


Dabaang Khan who’ll be celebrating his 50th birthday on the day isn’t merely  an actor has crossed every fence in helping the underprivileged people in India as he founded the charitable trust ‘Being Human’ in 2007.

The book maker who will be unveiling the biography on Salman’s birthday, named the biography ‘Being Human’ in which more benevolent nature of the philanthropist Salman will be penned down.

Here’s the official statement of  Publisher of the biography Penguin India over the biography on Salman Khan: Which is the real Salman Khan’ Why is he the way he is? This book delves into Salman’s family lineage and his personal history to reveal interesting vignettes and unknown facts about the enigmatic and immensely popular superstar, and will help his many fans understand what ‘Being Salman’ is all about.

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