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Sajjad Ali’s new music video ‘Nakhun’ released


WEB DESK: Sajjad Ali pop-icon of 90’s and still warming the hearts of music lovers by giving away brilliant songs every now and then. He came out with his new music video named ‘Nakhun’ (Nail).


His offical facebook page encapsulated his career by these words,  “When I was recording my first album in EMI,1978, which was all about classical, thumris and ghazals, I always knew even then the kind of music I will be doing my whole life. Now after 35 years, I’m pretty much doing that very same thing that I always wanted do. Though there a couple of things that I still haven’t achieved yet and they are not related to success; they are related to Music.”

Sajjad Ali is a world-renowned singer-songwriter along with an actor and a director. Born in 1966, Karachi, he is the son of Shaqfat Hussain (cricketer and actor) , grandson of the renowned cricketer, Khadim Hussain, and the grand-nephew of the legendary Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib.

Classically trained at a young age by the efforts of his uncle, Tassaduq Hussain and being a shagird of Ustad Munawar Ali Khan Sahib (Kasur gharana), Ali started off as a semi-classical and a pop artist and busied himself with television, stage and pop albums. He was first recognized with his performance in Aap Janab in 1978, Rang Barangi Duniya in 1979 with Sohail Rana, Raag Rang with Shoaib Mansoor and Silver Jubilee in 1983 and soared to popularity in no time. As he was always writing his own music and accompanied by his brothers, Waqar Ali and Lucky Ali, Sajjad Ali released many pop albums until his fame reached amazing heights with the mega-hit ‘Babia 93’ in 1993. Babia 93 broke all sales records and the music video ‘Babia’ which he directed himself, was the first independent music video of Pakistan, making him the pioneer of the field. He gave hit albums along the way, namely ‘Moody’ and ‘Chiefsab’.

Film-making has always been a passion of his. He started editing, doing camera-work, writing screen-plays and scripts in the early 80s.His first video film as an actor, director, editor, singer, composer, sreenplay, and script was ‘Love Letter’ in 1988.

Later in 1996, He starred in Zahoor Hussain Gilani’s ‘Munda Tera Deewana’ which obviously was not his cup of tea but it was due to his father’s commitment that he had to fullfil it.

Then Sajjad Ali made a full-lenfth feature film and a musical blockbuster ‘AIK AUR LOVE STORY which was released in1999. The soundtrack list includes Larri Adda, Sohni Lagdi, Mein bhi kharidar, Kapde Tang by Lucky Ali, Kangna by Shahzad Roy and Mehnaz Aapa’s Bheege Bheege Mausam.

Throughout his journey, Sajjad Ali has delivered countless hits and has always succeeded in winning over his audience with songs like Sohni Lagdi, Cinderella, Paniyon Mein, Teri Yaad Satandi, Ik Gham ke Siwa, Chal Rein De, Katna Nai, KirKir KirKir and many more and has bagged numerous prestigious awards like National, Nigar, MTV, ARY, Zee and Bollywood Music Awards to name a few.


In 2011, he was featured in Coke Studio, and gave a playfully smashing hit ‘KirKir’ which became the song of the year. He also did ‘Rang Laaga’ featuring Sanam Marvi which showed off his versatility and had a serious impact on the audience. In the same year he produced a song ‘Din Pareshan Hai’ for Shoaib Mansoor’s movie ‘Bol’.

Sajjad Ali is also an endorsed artist of one of the most reputable German musical software and equipment company, Steinberg. In February 2013, ‘Har Zulm’ came out and become a viral hit just within hours of its release on the social media and television.

Musician, A.R.Rahman has described Sajjad as the original crossover: “From the realm of the classical, he metamorphosed into one of the brightest lights of Pakistani pop.Always striking the right note, and never missing a beat, even the most hardened purist has to give Sajjad his due. This man can breathe life in a ‘Ghazal’ even as he puts the V back into verve. He is one of the very few singers in Pakistan who seems a complete singer. As far as skill is concerned I feel nobody compares to Sajjad Ali. He is simply too good at everything he chooses to create.”

Recently in October 2013, Ali came up with another video where he re-did one of his old hits ‘Yaad Tu Haati Hogi’ which spread like wildfire on the social media. All his recent work is available on iTunes and NimBit Music Store. Sajjad Ali is also teaching and producing music for the upcoming talent.

 ‘Nakhun’ Video:

Sajjad Ali – NAKHUN (2016) – Official VideoSajjad Ali’s #NAKHUN – Official Music Video Starring – Sajjad Ali & Rabia ButtSinger, Composer, Writer – Sajjad Ali DOP – Rizwan Sherazi (RIZ)Post – Media Mark FZE Director – Zaw Ali*All rights reserved*www.instagram.com/thesajjadaliwww.facebook.com/SajjadAliOfficialwww.twitter.com/[email protected] butt (official fan page) #SajjadAli

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