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Sahir Lodhi to star with Saima Azhar in debut film Rastey


Model Saima Azhar is going to have a film breakthrough with none other than Sahir Lodhi, who is gearing up to mark his name on silver screen with his first film Rastey.


Saima would be staring alongside the co-writer of the scrip Sahir Lodhi, who is also playing lead role in the movie.

The model Saima has confirmed the signing of the film on her Facebook status.



She also expressed during an interview to media saying:

“Sahir and I will play the lead roles in the film, while Sana Fukher would play my sister-in-law. Rastey is a family-oriented action film with a romantic element. There will be no vulgarity or raunchy jokes in it.”

Further, the model said that she has been offered number of films as well as item numbers and it was quite difficult for her to choose the right film for herself. ‘When I read Rastey’s script, I felt like ‘This is it’”, added the actress about her signing the film.

The film has been directed by Saqib Siddqui, produced by Dr Faisal, while the script is co-written by Sahir Lodhi and Shahid Naqvi.

Meanwhile, Sahir Lodhi, a radio jocky-cum-TV host had hinted about his planning to make a film during his shows. However, it was not revealed that which sort of movie it would be. But it is now cut and dry that the movies is going to be Rastey and Sahir is leading with Saima Azhar.

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