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Qandeel Baloch admits her marriage with Aashiq Hussain, makes startling revelations


The social media entertainer, Qandeel Baloch, who was considering to settle abroad after Eid has faced another shocking revelation, which she kept under wraps away from her modeling career.


Baloch hit headlines as known media outlets came up with information of her marriage with Kot Addu-resident Aashiq Hussain back in 2008, and also brought her son on TV screens.

The controversy queen at first rubbished all such claims but as her wedding photos and documents came out she admitted her marriage with Aashiq Hussain, to which she calls a force marriage.

According to the sources so far marriage ended after 2 years as Baloch claims her husband used to beat her up.

“He tortured me day and night during the one year I was married to him,” Baloch said while speaking to The Express Tribune. “After a year, I ran away with my son and sought refuge in Darul Aman,” told Qandeel Baloch.

“He never told my child I am his mother. It was a forced marriage,” she further told.

Responding to all this Aashiq Hussain said that Qandeel Baloch did love marriage with her“I still have letters which she wrote with her blood,” he said.

“She wanted a car and bungalow from me,” Hussain added.

It will be relevant to mention here that days back a tailor from Peshawar Shahid Baloch also claimed that Qandeel Baloch married her, but the model straight away dumped all such claims.



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