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Payback time, Sonu Nigam meets the guy who gave him Rs 12 when he was disguised as roadside singer


Sonu Nigam is not only the contemporary singer of Bollywood, he is a real superstar who needs no stage to exhibit his immense talent, Nigam proved this once again by performing on a roadside while disguised as a homeless old man.


This video hit the social media several days back, and people were glad to see the gesture of the eminent singer as he showed eagerness to meet the young guy who gave him 12 rupees while he was disguised as a roadside singer. Not only this, Nigam also framed the 12 rupees given by the passerby young guy and kept them at his office.

In the latest video by Being Indian, the guy was given a surprise by meeting with the Indian singer at his office. The young guy identified as Shahbaz Ali Sayyed, an ex-FSL employee was at seventh sky when he knew that the guy whom he gave some bucks was none other than Sonu Nigam.

The digital channel Being Indian came up with this idea which clearly tells that talent even gets praise when disguised.

Here’s the video of Sonu Nigam meeting with the guy who gave him 12 Rs. for breakfasts:



Sonu Nigam-Roadside Ustaad (Social Experiment)

one of the most celebrated singer of India, Sonu Nigam disguised himself and sat on a roadside along with his musical instrument, where he exhibit his highly acknowledged voice which have won several national and international awards. Although, none of the passerby was able to recognize him even by his voice.

After hours of singing, what he was given was a small praise and 12 rupees by a young man.

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