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No emotional attachment with Kapoor Haveli, says Rishi Kapoor


The birth place of Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor was demolished by the owner of the site, beside all the efforts of archeology department went in vain. The famous site situated in Peshawar was considered as the place to preserve as heritage of the legend star along with Dilip Kumar’s birth place. But this idea was not incepted, and on Saturday the top floor of the four-storey building was demolished.


Whereas, quite unnaturally Raj Kapoor’s son Rishi Kapoor has reacted over the demolition of his fathers birth place. In his statement he clarified that he is not emotionally attached with the issue as he’s never been there (Kappor Haveli).

“We don’t have any emotional connect to that house since we haven’t seen it. Let the Pakistan government demolish it. I am not even sure if that was Raj Kapoor’s own house or rented because he didn’t have that much money then to own a house. So I don’t think that anyone from the Kapoor family has any problem with that,” he said.


“We came to India even before the partition happened and never did see the house. I don’t know why others are having an issue, when we ourselves don’t have any problem with the demolition. We three brothers never stayed there. Why would we have a problem?” he added.

Rishi Kapoor who is one of the five children of Raj Kapoor clarified that he’s ‘Ok’ with whatever is being done to the Kapoor Haveli.

The multi-storey house (Haveli) is located in Dhakki Munawwar Shah near the famous Qissa Khwani bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan. The house is said to be around 98-year-old four-storey, which was in very critical condition and was asking seriously for repairing. The recent Earthquakes were also one of the reason behind the building getting several damaged.

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