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Nargis to roll on stage on Nov 6 in Shalimar theatre


Famous film-star and stage actress-cum-dancer Nargis is going to make her come back on stage on November 6 with the drama titled ‘Welcome Back Nargis’.


The drama will be presented on Lahore’s one of the most famous and prominent theatres Shalimar were Tariq Malik is producing the play.

Earlier, Nargis revealed couple of weeks ago that she has finally decided to make her come back to stage from the following month. She stated that she knew her dedicated fans were dying to see her again performing on stage.

About her return to business, the dancer said that it was high time to make a comeback after a long pause.


‘I was streamlining various matter and now I am relaxed and willing to work. Theatre has always been my field of choice; so I have decided to restart my career with a stage drama’, added the actress.

Fans of Nargis have long been waiting to see her back on the stage as she had announced leaving work as an actress three years ago.

Nargis is one of those stage artists and dancers, who have massive fan following and they have always been wanted on stage. Nargis’ inclusion in any stage drama marks its success even before its launch, as fans of her are desperate to see her live.

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