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Nargis coming out of curtain to spark stage after 3 years


LAHORE: Prominent stage artist-cum-dancer Nargis has announced to get back in the business, which she vowed to abandon three years ago.


Stage drama producer Tariq Malik has met the dancer to finalise the cast of the project titled ‘Welcome Back Nurgis’ that would be staged at Shalimar Theatre from October 30. Speaking to reporters, the famous dancer expresses saying it is high time to make a comeback after a long recess.

“I was streamlining various matters and now I am relaxed and willing to work. Theatre has always been my field of choice; so I have decided to restart my career with a stage drama”.

Although the gap she caused to the industry was getting to be filled by other dancers, Nargis says that her loyal audience would not disappoint her with this comeback.

“I know the audiences still want to see Nargis,” she asserts.

As she had a massive fans who used to anxiously wait to see her performing on stage, Nargis was on the top of the highest paid dancers of Pakistani stage at that time. And since her saying good-bye to her work, the stage in Pakistan is struggling to get back in saddle. Now, it is hoped that drama would see a revival with her coming back.


Nargis with sister Didar

The owner of Shalimar Theatre Malik Tahir was quite happy at return of the famous dancer saying: “Nargis is still a big name in the world of theatre and we are expecting a huge turnout at the play. So far, actors Mahnoor, Sunahir Khan, Payal, Qaiser Piya and Nawaz Anjum have been roped in,” he added.

Meanwhile, not only for stage, Nargis also gave a node to director Pervaize Rana to start work on Dushman Rani during a meeting at her residence.

Talking about her come back and signing film, she said:

“All those who are a part of Lollywood should play their part by producing good films. I stopped working due to domestic reasons, but always thought about the crisis in Lollywood and now, I will continuously focus on my film career.”

Here is her announcement clip leaving stage:

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