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Naeem Bukhari to host Geo TV’s Khabarnaak after Aftab Iqbal’s switch


One of the most popular and experienced TV hosts Naeem Bukhari will now be seeing hosting famous show Khabarnaak on Geo TV.


The famous show has been hosted by another famous anchor and columnist Aftab Iqbal; however, Aftab recently bid goodbye to Geo TV, and obviously, the show.

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As the comedy-talk show was quite popular and had been enjoying huge following from the audience, the TV administration plunged into searching the alternate soon after the previous champ left. In their searching, the TV ended up with hiring veteran analyst, host, anchorperson, lawyer Naeem Bukhari as a new host to carry the show.


Naeem Bukhari is one of the oldest and most experienced analyst and host in the media industry of Pakistan. He used to host Talk shows on Pakistan Television (PTV) and had influnced a great number of people. Naeem Bukhar has a unique style of raising questions and making gossips with his guest. That’s why a great number of audience still wants to see Naeem Bukhari hosting TV talks shows

His famous TV talks shows include ‘Apne Andaz Se’, Naweem Bukhari ke Saath’ etc.

Here is the Naeem Bukhari’s Khabarnaak:

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