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Mystic Asrar’s new video number ‘Ali Wali ‘ thrills the fans


With an inclination towards mysticism, Asrar has released his new video ‘Manqabat’ entitled ‘Ali Wali’, which sprawls widely on social media within 24 hours of uploading.


The traditional instruments with a potent touch of ‘dhol’ gives the track a pure mystic air and the repetition of ‘Ali’ takes to the accomplishment of the enthralling number by Asrar. The indoor video portrays the central figure, Asrar, put on ‘odds’ – ghungroo, tilaka and Hindi red rob – makes the video out of the main stream trend of music videos.

Meanwhile, the video caption attached by Asrar on his Facebook page gives us insight into why he chose to sing on ‘Ali Wali’.



I am asrar, i do not follow Shia school of thought or Sunnism,But This is what i feel about “Ali”, I don’t know why i do these Manqabats,what i know is i love doing such Kalams,so enjoy this mystic piece of music and spread Love.
I want to say “Thanks” to my Audio & Video Team.
Ustad Baqir Abbas
Gonga Saen
Mithu Saen
Nadeem Abbas

Team Filumbaz
Adnan Tariq
Majid Raza
Omer Bhatti
Humza Tariq
Salman Yousaf
Aqeb A Tariq
Omer Malik

‘Ali Wali’ by Asrar:

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