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My fashion choice not under influence of Bollywood: Fawad Khan


Pakistan’s heartthrob artist Fawad Khan said that he doesn’t follow the fasion trends of Bollywood rather he has his own choice.


Upon being asked whether he has come under the influence of India’s industry regarding his fashion while working in Bollywood, Fawad replied: “As far as style is concerned, no. The Bollywood we watched when growing up was a time when Amitabh Bachchan was doing films like Satte Pe Satta and Anil Kapoor was doing Mr India.”

Talking about the past trends of Bollywood, Fawad admitted saying: “In the 80s, Bollywood films was something that was probably not in line with what I liked.” He said that he would recommend the men to not put on flared pants.


“For the longest time, they were wearing flared-bottom trousers; they would start flaring from the knee-down so that’s not the kind of fashion that I necessarily agree with. I never thought men should wear those,” added Fawad.

He also revealed taht the fashion in Hindi cinema during that era was not something he liked.

Fawad Khan is one of those Pakistani artists who entered Bollywood with a big success and influenced the Indian audience with the artistic skills.

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