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Model Ayyan Ali living like a queen in Adiala Jail: Wardens


RAWALPINDI: The supermodel is enjoying the ‘VVIP’ treatment inside the jail. A senior warden of Adiala prison facility said Ayyan is detained at the female barrack No 1 VIP room and is no ordinary prisoner, on codnition of annonymity warden revealed, according to a English Daily.


Ayyan has been given well-furnished room, TV set and refrigerator is also in the room. “She is a supermodel and enjoys super facilities. Two female prisoners are appointed to ‘serve’ her,” Warden.

Adiala prisoners are not allowed to use mobile phones; neither mobile can work inside the Adila jail due to jammers. However, Ayyan has been give a ‘V-set’, the only kind of phone that works inside the prison.


Ayyan ali 2

Ordinary visitors use gate No-3 to meet their inmate relatives, but Ayan’s visitors use gate No-5 used only by jail officials. Her visitors are properly received and facilitated and taken either to the jai superintendent’s office or conference room.
“She meets her guests in the conference room or in the superintendent’s office. Female visitors are alloed to meet her inside her room,” according to English paper.

“Two days ago, Khalid Malik, the brother of Senator Rahman Malik, visited her and stayed for half an hour,” official said.
On Thursday, the model’s brother also met her at the conference room.

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