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Model Ayyan Ali first time speaks to Media after hearing


Karachi : Super model/singer Ayyan Ali was seen first time on screen after getting bale from her recent case of money laundering.


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Ayyan Ali was arrested on May 14, 2015 from Benazir International Airport having a currency of $ 500,000 in her bag. She was trying to leave for Dubai along with illegal currency but was arrested at the airport.

Ayyan Ali got the bail on Wednesday, 15th July, 2015, she got the on bail on fourth attempt, her bail plea was put down by the court three time.

Rumours were there in the air that Ayyan Ali who is currently in Karachi after getting bail from court, might fly to Dubai. But all the rumours died away when government included her name in ECL and restricted her not to move out of the country till the next orders from the government.


Ayyan with Waqar ZakaAyyan says, ” My first selfie after 4 months, Right after dinner with my friend n the most daring PAKI ever Waqar Zaka “.

Ayyan was seen first time in front of the camera and speaking to the media, she was thanking them for their role in her case.

Here is the video:



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