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Michelle Phan, a You Tube star, would be sued for copy right breach


A legal fight against leading You Tube entrepreneur has been started over alleged copy right infringement in her videos.


Ultra Records, the music company which is legally in contract with several multi stars like musicians Kaskade, deadmau5 and calvin, is about to sue Michelle Phan.

The label and its publishing arm asserted the You Tube star has used about 50 of their songs without permission in her You Tube videos and on her personal website. However, Ms Phan received support from one of the artists whose work she is alleged to have used.


Kaskade, whose work features most prominently in the record label’s complaint, said, “Copy right law is a dinosaur, ill-suited for the landscape of today’s media.”

He expressed his surprise on Twitter in which he was shocked that his own record label was suing Ms Phan for copy right breach. “And the kicker… they’re citing her using my songs for the suit. Come. On,” he wrote in his tweet.

He also offered his services to secure out of court settlement instead the label pursuing the case. In response, Ms Phan thanked and wrote, “Your music inspired not just myself but millions of my followers to dance and dream on.”

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