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Meera’s item song ‘Lukkhe Bade Aate Hain’ in Bollywood movie ‘Bumper Draw’ went unnoticed


The all time Pakistani controversial actress Meera has made her comeback on the silver screens. Huh…. You didn’t noticed that’s injustice with the sizzling talent oozing for no mean.


Meera after a long hiatus showed her presence on the big screens but it seems that all here efforts were in vain. The actress who is notorious for getting into limelight with some cheeky public stunts, this time fails to make any buzz with her performance. The sultry Pakistani actress marked 1st ever item song of her career, the item number ‘Lukkhe Bade Aate Hain’ is the part of a low-budget Bollywood movie ‘Bumper Draw’.

Without any confusion, the actress look hotter the same way she use to do, clad in Ghagra-Choli, rocked the song with her energetic performance. And the Munni Badnam fame singer, Mamta Sharma have sung the song. Meera and the lead actor of the film Rajpal Yadav are seen dancing on the song in between bunch of backup dancers, as making it a complete party song. Despite all the strong holds, the song has failed to grab any attention.


The item-songs are quite famous in Indian cinema and for many films they have been single-handedly grossing more than the half business of the entire film.

On the other hand, it seems the film ‘Bumper Draw’, which was released on October 16 has gained satisfactory response from the audience and even from the box office. The low budget film comprises of not any big star of the B-town relied on the item song to make it a mighty hit but the ‘thumkas’ of Meera have failed to book a safe place for the film.

Checkout the song:


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