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‘Meda Ishq Vi Tu’- fame Pathanay Khan death anniversary observed today


ISLAMABAD: Sixteenth death anniversary of acclaimed folk singer Pathany Khan is being observed on Wednesday.


Pathanay Khan was opened eyes in 1926 in the village Basti Tambu Wali, situated in the Thal desert, few miles away from Kot Addu(Punjab province).

Without any doubt he was great Saraiki folk singer, he mostly sang Kafi and Ghazals ( traditional form of poetry) which were associated to the Sufi poets, Khawja Ghulam Fareed, Shah Hussain and Bhully Shah.

Started his career from Radio Pakistan, through his voice he has made (Kalam) poetry of  Sufi poets immortal.


Saraiki singer has got strong vocal but led very simple life. Many stories about his simplicity has been attributed to him. Former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was fan of singing.

The government of Pakistan had granted Pathanay Khan Pride of Performance Awards for his lifetime performance in 1979.

At the age of 74, after prolonged illness he has died in his tome town of Kot Addu on Thrusday, March 9, 2004.


Pathany Khan’s voice:


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