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Mahira Khan’s Ho Mann Jahan: All cast, crew sneak from behind the scene


‘Ho Mann Jahan’ is a story of hearts and everyone has a hear’, the director/producer of the project expressed about the movie boasting it’s a movie worth to watch.


“I’ve always in my mind to direct such a movie, however, it’s name was finalised later on,” Asim Raza the producer/director of the movie said about Ho Mann Jahan (HMJ).

“If we were to tell our previous as well as the coming generation to obey what their hearts say, that would be our success,” added Asim, talking about the script of the movie.

Pakistani cinema audience has been put back to the roads which lead to cinema especially when the movie is from its own industry and particularly if it features the lovely chick Mahira Khan.

In its meticulous nature, it also please the Fawad Fans as well because he has made his appearance in the movie although for a short moment as a guest star. Talking about the movie, the heartthrob boasts that it would be a pay-off and the audience must watch it.



“My first movie, without Fawad!, Impossible”, Asim added about Fawad’s entry in HMJ.

Asim Raza also revealed about the cast saying all these artists are those, which he considers as part and parcel in a film directed by him.

The plot of HMJ is quite simple and portrays a story of three young people each has his/her own life where they sometimes compromise their happiness for minor things.


The movie has a musical setting with stars Adeel Hussain, Mahira Khan, Ahmad Ali, Shehryar Munawar, Jamal Shah, etc. and will hit the floor on the 1st January 2016.

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